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Paco Rabanne Perfumes

Paco Rabanne Original Perfumes In Egypt

Paco Rabanne has a wide variety of perfumes style with about 110 fragrances in the house perfumery history.

Rabanne’s Perfumes are globally popular with modernity and using high quality perfume ingredients. Paco‘s mostly known for sweet perfumes like Olympia For Women and One Million For Men, also the house of Paco has (herbal/green/old/classic) perfumes like Paco Paco, and Paco Rabanne Pour Homme.

Men’s most popular perfume is Invictus with marine salty and citrus and long lasting smell.

Women’s most popular perfume is Lady Million the feminine perfume of One Million For Men which were launched together as a couple perfumes.

The oldest perfume known from the house is Calandre for women with aromatic classic herbal smell.

The newest perfume is One Million Elixer for men with vanilla fruity green sweet smell.


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